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Call for Papers: 2nd Outstanding African Thinkers' Conference themed Theophile Obenga - Reinventing Africa though the African Intellectual Archive The Centre for Critical thinking and Resourceful Research in Africa, in collaboration with the Department of History and Archaeology, Université d’Abomey - Calavi of Benin Republic, invites abstracts for the 2nd Outstanding African Thinkers Conference on Theophile Obenga. Aimed at locating outstanding African intellectuals who privilege African thought schemes and insist on reinventing Africa through her intellectual archive;
Call for Papers : COVID-19, Natural Evil and the Question of God The instance of COVID-19 once more provides the space to stimulate human thoughts on the Question of God. Although this is not the first time a devastating pandemic has befallen the human race, COVID-19 has more futures and characters because of its global spread and what has been, until now, presumed to be the state of advancement of modernity.
Call for Book Chapters Contribution : Themes Talking Western Philosophy in Volumes The book aims to locate and discuss some philosophers of western tradition that would normally occupy spaces in curriculum of studies in the west and beyond as well as present a study of their ideas in a manner that can be very informative and valuable to undergraduates of philosophy.
CECTRRA Advisory Council Meeting The details of the meeting of the Advisory Council will be communicated to all concerned through e-mail.
ATTENTION: 2022 Thinkers' Conference on Theophile Obenga - Call for Papers The conference details; call for papers and registration procedure for the 2022 African Thinkers Conference on Theophile Obenga can be accessed here.
Membership Subscription All interested scholars, institutions and organizations seeking to join and subscribe for the fellowship programme of the Centre shall complete the relevant form and pay the prescribed fees at the Administrative Secretariat.
You are welcome to the official website of the Centre for Critical Thinking and Resourceful Research for Africa (CECTRRA). Centre for Critical Thinking and Resourceful Research in Africa (CECTRRA) was born out of the desire to close the gap between creative thinking and gullible theories that pervade the African society.

We aim to engage the best minds from different sectors and walks of life to help contribute to our efforts to provide Africans with adequate resources.
We will attempt to use critical reasoning to provide the necessary solutions needed to move the African people forward.

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