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Centre for Critical Thinking and Resourceful Research for Africa (CECTRRA)- Our Programs



Core Programmes  of CECTRRA:
1. Conferences/Seminars/Workshops/Public Lectures
2. Research, Publication and Documentaries
3. Mentorship Programmes
4. Advisory and Consultancy.

Conferences/Seminars/Workshops/Public Lectures  include:
1. Bi-annual Local and International Conferences
2. CECTRRA Distinguished Annual Lectures
3. CECTRRA Annual Seminar on Thinking

CECTRRA Annual Seminar on Thinking
This seminar is designed to promote the art of thinking by looking at different aspects of thinking – Creative, Conceptual, Analytical, Generative, Constructive, Critical, etc.The aim is to locate aspects of these that are underemphasised in the African context, how they can be supplied and the processes, measures and values that would lead to proper development of African society in this direction.

Research, Publication and Documentaries include:

1.Knowledge Empowerment Programmes
2.Constructive-Critical  Documentary on aspects of African social life.

Mentorship Programmes include:
1.African Futures Academy
2.School for Biography and Modelling



1. The Inaugural lecture of CECTRRA delivered by Dr.OlofPetterson, Assistant Professor of Philosophy, Department of Philosophy University of Uppsala, Uppsala-Sweden/Researcher at the University of Norway. Lecture  co-organised CECTRRA  in collaboration with the University of Abuja and held on February 23, 2016 at the ETF Building, University of Abuja, Nigeria. Title of the lecture: “The Language of Illusory Wisdom: Plato and Self-Understanding in an African context”.

2. Second CECTRRA Public lecture was delivered by Professor Peter S. Fosl, Chair of Philosophy& Chair Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE), Transylvania University Louisville, KY 40205 U.S.A. The lecture  was organised by CECTRRA  in Collaboration with  Faculty of Arts, University of Abuja and  delivered on July 6,2016 at Faculty of Arts Lecture Theatre, Main Campus, UNIABUJA.The title of the lecture: “Critical Thinking and Scepticism Across the Arts and Humanities: Some Recommendations for the African Academy”.

3. First Seminar on Critical Thinking Convened by the Centre for Critical Thinking and Resourceful Research in Africa (CECTRRA), Abuja held at Pleasure Park Garden, Wuse, Abuja with Professor Peter Fosl of Transylvania University, USA as lead speaker, held on July 10, 2016.

4.SecondSeminar on Logic and Critical Thinking Convened by the Centre for Critical Thinking and Resourceful Research in Africa (CECTRRA), Abuja held at Atlas Hotel Gwagwalada on March 10, 2018.

5.CECTRRA Roundtable under the Political Education Project (PEP) was organised in collaboration with African Centre for Information and media Literacy  and  University of Abuja.Theme :Roundtable on Raising Political Awareness among Students in TertiaryInstitutions.Event was held July 24-25,2018 at Parliamentary Building, University of Abuja and Supported by Roxa Luxemburg Stiftung.

6. CECTRRA organized first International Conference namedFirstOutstanding African Thinkers Conference in collaboration with Institute of African Studies, University of Ibadan, Nigeria. The conference was  held at Institute of African Studies, University of Ghana, Accra, November 4–6, 2018.Theme:Chinweizu, Africa and the Rest of the World. The conference was supported by UNILEVER, Ghana.

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