Who We Are

Centre for Critical Thinking and Resourceful Research in Africa (CECTRRA) was born out of the desire to close the gap between creative thinking and gullible theories that pervade the African society.

The desire for quality knowledge is ever increasing in Africa and the need for data warehouse of information, resources and materials is also on the increase. Ideas, concepts, paradigms, laws ,theories, principles on which truth about the African world is anchored deserve to be questioned and validated all the more .This demands  a more relevant  knowledge base and capital and the availability of dedicated thinkers and researchers who are ready to redirect the thinking of Africans from lopsided misinformation based on the highly politicised framework on which ideas about the continent  are generated to one which will respect the integrity of the intellect through valid, resourceful and relevant knowledge.

This defines the mission of CECTTRA the overall Vision of which is to lead African Self Understanding for a more advanced society.


  1. To provide a resource base for African intellectuals.
  2. To carry and disseminate research in different areas of humanities such as African Philosophy,Thought and Culture,Development studies, Ethics, Corruption/Integrity Studies etc.
  3. To publish journals locally.
  4. To publish an international journal in three official International languages of Africa namely English, French and Portuguese.
  5. To cause for influential knowledge  paradigm as will minimize the negative effects of the multi-lingual nature of African society.
  6. To liaise with relevant research centres such in organizing seminars in important areas and with outstanding
    thinkers from Africa.
  7. To organize an international conference bi-annually.
  8. To organize a local conference annually in a selected part of Nigeria.
  9. To provide consultancy services in the areas of research, training and improved service delivery.CECTRRA functions through an Inner-Think Tank (made of committed scholars from different aspects of humanities) that studies, analyses and approves all proposed projects.

The recommended projects are to be subjected to more approval through consultation with the Advisory Board.